24 hours a day, 7 days a week, electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) are responsible for transporting electricity from production centres to consumption centres. Because they are used by all, they must provide the highest level of technical performance at the lowest cost.

This requires transmission system operators to transform and constantly adapt to new developments and technologies.

Audits, training and technical assistance programmes

RTE is an electricity transmission system operator renowned for being at the forefront of transformations in the electricity sector. RTE International is also regularly called upon to intervene on an individual or long-term basis in order to provide its technical knowledge and support in the implementation of the most recent methods and techniques.

In the case of one-off operations, the term training or audit is more appropriate. When it comes to providing support over several years, we tend to talk about technical assistance because it would mean making resources available on a long-term basis that would provide all the support needed to ensure the proper functioning of the company.

We will work with you to transform your organization, through process optimizing, training, as well as developing tools and methods for all electricity transmission businesses.

Improving the financial and managerial performance of electricity transmission system operators

Accompaniment in the transformation process

To enable you to effectively manage your operations and seek continuous improvement, we support you in the process of developing your organization.
We also work with you to implement an environmental and social management policy or to establish an ISO standard. In terms of human resources management, we help you develop an ESPM (Employment and Skills Planning Management), or to implement specific health and safety measures.

Strategic seminars

As experts in the transformation of electricity transmission system operators, we also offer training courses for managers of national electricity operators who are eager to discover the practices in place at RTE, a TSO located in the heart of Europe which operates 50 interconnections with neighbouring countries.

Management framework for electricity transmission system operators

Tariff regulation

In order to be successful, TSOs must have a sectoral framework that ensures independent and sustainable regulation which is focused on performance and fair prices. A clearly defined framework for relations between the State and national electricity operators and the greatest transparency of financial relations are two prerequisites for controlling the TSOs’ fiscal risks and for strengthening a TSOs’ balance sheet structure.

Whether you are a network manager, a regulator or a government ministry, we can support you in setting up or adapting your sector management framework. We offer advice, training or tools adapted to suit the national context.

Setting up a sectoral framework

Establishing and adapting, or indeed reforming, the sectoral framework is necessary to improve the functioning of the sector, attracting investment, and developing new sources of energy.

We help you to increase regional integration, set up regulations, market rules, promote renewable energies, set up connection codes or any other regulations, according to your strategic objectives.


If you wish to create an independent transmission system operator, as an electricity transmission company, a ministry or a regulator, we can help you to carry out studies regarding the operational management of the separation process, particularly the following areas:

  • Management, finance, pricing studies
  • Accounting
  • Organization and human resources
  • Legal and regulatory environment
  • Contracting
  • Technical aspects

Subcontracted management

The State intends to subcontract the public electricity transmission service, by means of a call for tenders, to identify the best performing electricity transmission system operator, while maintaining the scope, control and supervision of the service to be provided.

We offer our technical, financial and professional resources to meet performance expectations for utilities under an electricity transmission system management contract. We apply our know-how and skills to effectively meet the various collective needs.

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