The maintenance of substations and power lines is a key activity for the proper functioning and management of a transmission network.
Whether it be conventional maintenance work, live or helicopter-borne work, RTE international has a wide range of trainings courses, services and tools to meet the specific needs of substation or line work in complete safety.

Maintenance Support

Audits and maintenance policies implementation

RTE international provides many customers with personalised support in terms of organisation and training in substation and line maintenance. RTE international can organise audits and offer tailor-made support in implementing the best European practices. These services help to establish a clear plan for the future development of your business.

Reliability centered maintenance

France was one of the very first countries to implement this method, which was first developed in the aeronautical and nuclear sectors, for the management of network assets. RTE international can support other network operators in their efforts to implement such a method.

Asset Management

Asset management methods are gradually improving to take into account as accurately as possible the real-time condition of your assets and the level of risk they generate. As a result, your maintenance policies must be adapted to optimize the reliability, availability and service life of equipment and structures at a lower cost.

We support you in implementing your asset management policy by

  • Carrying out diagnostics on all types of equipment
  • Setting up the necessary tools to optimize asset management
  • Developping the maintenance organization

Live works

Comprehensive support in setting up Live Working teams

Over the years, we have built an internationally recognized “French-style method” based on the understanding of the specific context of each project. This method offers more extensive possibilities than other live working methods based on procedures and has proven its worth in terms of safety. In fact, no fatal accidents have been recorded in 50 years of LW practice in France.

Equipment for Substations and Lines Live Working

We offer various equipment designed specifically for low, medium and high voltage live work for substations and power lines : tools, lifting platforms, insulated scaffolding, connection/disconnection solutions, etc. These tools and equipment are specifically designed and specified to meet the requirements of the French LW method, which go beyond the requirements of current international standards, to ensure the complete safety of operators in each situation. Our tool qualification processes meet high security requirements and thus guarantee the successful deployment of LW within your organization in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Turnkey services

Providing operational teams

We provide operational teams to carry out maintenance work using our own resources (equipment, helicopter equipment, drones, IR/UV cameras, etc.).


Airborne services

RTE’s 60 years of helicopter expertise includes 300,000 flight hours in total (7,000 hours per year), 6 aeronautical bases and 16 aircrafts.

Line Inspection

RTE examines the entire 105,000 kilometres of its power lines every year. RTEi offers turnkey services or technical support for all your project inspection needs (visual inspection, photos, infra-red, ultra-violet, LIDAR).

Helicopter work

In some cases, helicopter operations are the best choice in terms of reliability, safety and performance. We adapt our offers to the needs of our customers by proposing various work techniques such as :

  • Pylon construction or replacement
  • Cable unwinding
  • Hoisting

Support for the use of drones

Drones offer new opportunities for maintenance teams. RTE has been using this technology since 2012 and has widely implemented drones in maintenance centres. RTEi can offer complete support towards the deployment of drones, from the study of needs to pilot training in an electrical environment.

Delegated management

We offer our technical, financial and professional resources to achieve a high level of public service performance under a power transmission system management contract. We will bring our know-how and skills to meet your needs.

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