Grid Operation

Balancing supply and demand, integrating renewable energies, ensuring the security of the electricity system… The job of electricity transmission system operation is becoming more and more complex every day. Thanks to RTE international’s expertise, you can benefit from a range of services to help you manage the operation of your power grid.

Developing skills

Training courses

RTE international supports you in setting up training courses and a certification process that will enable your employees to master the various aspects of system operation and preserve their skills.

Grid operator training

Real-time network management requires perfect control of normal operating conditions and rapid decision-making when faced with a worsening situation. RTE international offers you initial, advanced and ongoing training for dispatchers to ensure that your employees can control system operation. These trainings courses include an alternation between theoretical courses, practical exercises and simulator real time training.

Implementation of a feedback process

The feedback process is the cornerstone of the continuous improvement of power grid operation practices. Based on records of events occurring in operation, we determine the root causes responsible for incidents on the network. RTEi supports you in setting up a robust feedback process to guarantee a reliable operation of the system.

Grid Operation Support

Organizational development

The problems one encounters when operating power systems are constantly evolving due to changes in the transmission network and the development of new technologies. RTE international supports you in clearly defining and implementing new organisational structures adapted to the realities of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Implementation of operating rules and procedures

The purpose of operating the electricity transmission system is to supply customers while respecting the operating limits of the electrical installations and guaranteeing the safety both of property and people. RTE international supports you in establishing operating rules and procedures adapted to your network to achieve the objectives set by your company.


Defining the operating strategies of the power system requires specific studies to be carried out to ensure that the network is able to meet the expected objectives :

  • Study of constraints
  • Master plan
  • Voltage study
  • Short-circuit study
  • Study of the protection plan

Reduction of technical losses

We conduct diagnoses and propose recommendations that will allow you to take actions to reduce Joule losses over time, by making appropriate investments in your network.

Construction of grid control centres

Grid control centre engineering

Grid control centres are the focal point for gathering all the information necessary to operate the grid. The development of information systems now allows for the acquisition and rapid processing of data in order to facilitate dispatchers’ decision-making. RTE international supports you in carrying out feasibility studies, outlining specifications and building modern and innovative dispatching facilities.

RTE international is able to guide you towards the IT and management tools (SCADA, EMS, MMS) best adapted to the challenges of tomorrow.

Interconnections and regional coordination

RTE operates 50 interconnection lines with its neighbouring countries and has developed particular expertise in coordinated operation between grid operators.

RTE is also a founding member of CORESO, one of the first regional coordination centres in Europe. Many RTE dispatchers have taken part and will continue to take part in the development of CORESO in the years to come. For the implementation of all its operational services, CORESO uses the Convergence IT platform developed by RTE.

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