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RTE international is a consultancy and engineering company whose activities cover all areas of electricity transmission. RTE international is at the service of its clients worldwide, helping them to develop reliable and competitive power systems which rise to the challenges of the energy transition.

As a subsidiary of RTE, Europe’s largest transmission system operator, RTE international offers tailored solutions to participants in the electricity sector, relating to the development, operation, and maintenance of their networks.

Since its creation in 2006, RTE international’s experts have carried out more than 300 projects in over 50 countries across all continents, building on the know-how and skills developed through RTE’s 70 years of successful operation. RTE international employs more than 70 members of staff and more than 100 experts each year.


International subsidiary of Europe’s largest transmission system operator

Our services

Digital technology is becoming essential for Transmission System Operators (TSOs). RTE international develops power transmission software solutions to meet their new needs and challenges, such as the integration of renewable energies or the increase in cross-border electricity exchanges.

Our team of IT developers, Power Network Modelling Experts, IT Project Managers, Optimization Specialists and Business Experts can cover all your needs, from the Business analysis to the deployment of the industrial solution. We support our customers from the design phase of the project to the deployment and maintenance of the applications and platforms that we develop.

RTE international uses the open-source framework developed by RTE’s software development department and relies on more than ten years of experience in TSOs’ and Regional Security Coordinators’ (RSCs) projects. In a nutshell, RTE international is providing its expertise in both the business end and the software development fields to all stakeholders of the Energy community.

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Our commitment

Mutual respect and integrity

Cultural openness and mutual respect with our clients and partners form the basis of our company’s culture. RTE international is committed to promoting integrity, ethics and good practices both within the company and with its partners.

As a subsidiary of RTE, all RTE international’s teams are actively involved in the fight against corruption and fraud, both in France and abroad. Any member of staff or commercial partner who witnesses any act of corruption, fraud or any other illegal activity or action that violates the Code of Conduct can report it by contacting the following email address: alert@rte-international.com. The terms of this ethical reporting system can be found in Article 9 of the Code of Conduct.

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Quality policy

“We believe that we can only achieve our goals with the complete satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.” Veronika Milewski, Chief Executive Officer

That is why the company and our subsidiaries, Redstork Solutions and RTE international Netherlands, are committed to a quality management approach that is deployed at the heart of our activities and around the values that unite us: operational and technical excellence, openness, and team spirit.

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Health and safety at work policy

RTE international, an international consulting and engineering company, covering all aspects of electricity transmission, is committed to helping its stakeholders develop reliable and competitive electricity systems to support the energy transition. Without the commitment and involvement of the men and women who work for us, none of this would be possible. Their safety and the preservation of their health are naturally the company’s top priorities.

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Contributing to the fight against climate change

Playing a dynamic role in energy transition, RTE international has adopted an Environmental Policy to extend its commitment to the fight against climate change.

This Environmental Policy sets out objectives to reduce and even avoid the environmental impact of RTE international’s activities. In particular, RTE international has joined forces with Ecotree, a company that ensures sustainable forest management, by planting and maintaining 10,000 trees across several French forests. These carbon sinks store the equivalent of the emissions produced by the air travel necessary for RTE international to carry out its activities.

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Professional equality index between women and men

The professional equality index was introduced by the french law of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future. It makes it possible to assess equal pay between women and men by measuring the pay gaps between the sexes, highlighting their points of progression. Any company with more than 50 employees must calculate its index annually and declare it to its stakeholders and the Labour Inspectorate.

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