Power grid engineering

Technological and behavioural changes require us to constantly challenge our expertise. Whether it be for the installation of a new structure, the integration of new energy sources or the optimization of your network, our teams will assist you from the outset in order to determine the best options available to you as a contracting authority for electricity transmission.

Feasibility studies

Analysing and optimising your needs

In order to develop your electricity transmission network, it is essential to identify the various possibilities available to you in the medium and long term. Our teams and experts in network studies and planning help you to define the blueprint of your network based on a 10, 20 or 30-year vision.

Validating through field surveys

We carry out audits and field surveys in order to assess the various actions, the work to be carried out and the costs involved in upgrading infrastructures and organisations as accurately as possible.

Boost & modernize your network

In order to increase the performance of your network, we analyse the most effective options with you. Our expertise in SMART solutions allows us to offer you the latest technological innovations.

Integrating new generation units

Introducing a new generation unit into an existing network can be complex. We provide you with support to ensure an efficient installation of new generation resources while guaranteeing the security of your network and compliance with regulatory standards.

Call for tender

Assistance in preparing calls for tenders

Preparing, launching and analysing a call for tenders for the construction, installation or modification of electricity transmission facilities is a key step in optimising the cost, time and quality of your future installations. Our expertise, based on the operation of the largest European network, allows us to offer you unparalleled technical and strategic support right up to the awarding of the contract, such as the following:

  • Drafting of technical specifications and requirements
  • Support for the preparation of contracts (contractual, financial and administrative aspects)
  • Management of technical explanations and relations with bidders
  • Analysis of technical and financial offers and introducing competitive bidding criteria

Contract supervision

Project management

Each step of the project requires proven excellence. To guarantee you the best conditions for the execution of your project, we work for and with you every step of the way:

  • By reviewing the detailed studies of manufacturers and installers
  • By carefully selecting materials and following-up on manufacturing
  • By verifying the factory acceptance of materials (FAT)
  • By supervising construction work
  • By providing commissioning assistance
  • By providing training for staff
  • By developing maintenance plans
  • By monitoring and assisting during any probationary or guarantee periods

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