RTE international adopts an Environmental Policy and forms a partnership with Ecotree, contributing to the creation of carbon sinks through forests

RTE international’s experts participate in projects all over the world that improve the reliability and optimization of electricity transmission networks, in addition to facilitating the integration of renewable energy. As a dynamic player in the energy transition, RTE international has adopted an Environmental Policy in order to further its commitment to sustainable development and to fighting climate change.

This Environmental Policy sets objectives for reducing or even avoiding the negative environmental impact of RTE international’s activities. The equipment sales department in particular is working hard to favour low-carbon footprint transport such as trains for transporting Live Working equipment. Furthermore, all employees will benefit from training in the fight against climate change in order to contribute to the company’s environmental goals and to developing solutions.

RTE international also aims to contribute to projects that are beneficial to the environment and has thus joined forces with Ecotree, a sustainable forest management company, to plant and look after 10,000 trees situated in several French forests. This carbon sink will store 300 tonnes of CO2 each year, being equivalent to the carbon emissions produced by the air travel required to carry out RTE international’s missions.

« RTE international’s Environmental Policy lays the foundations for a consistent, long-term commitment, made up of concrete actions. The partnership formed with Ecotree initiates a much wider movement of reflection and commitment, which should enable our company to truly become part of the sustainable development approach. »

Henri Maria

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, RTE international