Development of detailed HVDC and wind turbine models

Development of detailed HVDC and wind turbine models







RTE international has modeled HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) systems and wind farms for UTE. The studies of transient behaviour carried out within the framework of this project made it possible to determine the extent to which these systems participate in the appearance of surges on the network. As a result of this project, UTE was able to optimize the maintenance of its infrastructures with the Live Working method.

Services provided

  • Modelling all the High Voltage (HV) components of 2 HVDC LCC (Line-Commutated Converter) 500 kV links
  • Modelling all the HV components of a wind farm connected to the 150kV network
  • Training of the UTE design engineers in the use of the models developed to carry out studies on transient overvoltages
  • Organising an immersion experience for the UTE design engineers within RTE’s centre of expertise specialised in carrying out electromagnetic studies
  • All the detailed models were developed in the EMTP-RV software, the reference software for the modelling and study of electromagnetic transient phenomena

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