Feasibility study of a Regional Solar Park in Niger

Feasibility study of a Regional Solar Park in Niger







The integration of a significant share of solar production into the sub-region’s energy mix is one of the major objectives of the 2018-2033 ECOWAS Master Plan. In order to achieve this objective, WAPP has launched feasibility studies on the Regional Solar Parks (PSVR) identified as priorities in the Master Plan list. The PSVR project in Niger has a capacity of 150 MWp, with a storage capacity of between 100 and 150 MWh.

Services provided

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Preliminary network integration study to assess the connection capacity of both pre-identified substations for the connection of the RSP (Zabori, Bangoula) for the 2 phases of the project (2025, 2028), based on the most constraining situations (minimum demand during maximum PV generation (January), system peak load during maximum PV generation (early afternoon in April/May) and system peak load in the evening), identification of the network reinforcements in Niamey
  • Dynamic analysis to assess the system stability on a fault or in case of a sharp output reduction under a cloud (2025: 70 MWc, 2028 : 150 MWc in Bangoula)
  • Analysis of the existing and planned system (National Dispatch Centre in tendering phase) and proposition of extension to monitor the RSP

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