Implementation of Live Works

Implementation of Live Works






2022 – 2024

Setting up and training the overhead line team in live working and determining the tools and equipment needed to carry out the operations safely.

Services delivered

  • Assistance to the integration of TST in the SENELEC organisation
  • Training in TST work, including the following:
    • Replacement of isolators (glass, ceramic or composite) and accessories
    • Replacement of bridges on tower
    • Connection and disconnection of installation parts
    • Replacement of structural parts of tower
    • Replacement of an arm supporting a live phase
    • Raising a tower
    • Replacement of a tower
    • Replacement of a cable or removal of cables above live parts
    • Retensioning of conductors (sagging)
    • Replacement of a ground cable (removal, unwinding, etc.)
    • Accompanying the team on these first projects

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