Three Maintenance Operations that you would never have thought Live Working could perform

Webinar on Live Working


This FREE webinar will explain how the French method of Live Working can offer a wide range of operations, thanks to a strong organization and reliable methods. With more than 100,000km of High voltage lines, the French transmission system operator RTE has a vast amount of expertise in Live Working. Its subsidiary, RTE international, promotes this expertise and carries out transmission maintenance all over the world.


Contrary to a preconceived idea, it is perfectly possible to work on the network while it is still live. With 60 years of experience and practice in the field, the example of RTE clearly shows that the implementation of work under voltage does not generate any additional risk, as long as it is carried out according to the right methods, with the right tools, and framed by a good organisation. In this webinar, Raphaël Galisson, Live Working expert from RTE international, and Sophie Chabin, Live Working expert from SERECT, will explain to you the methodology that enables a successful implementation of Live Working on high voltage networks and substations in France.


When26th November at 11am CET
Duration1 hour


Raphaël Galisson

Maintenance & Live Working Project Manager at RTE international

Sophie Chabin

Live Working Expert at SERECT

Paul Lagartinho

Director Live Working & Maintenance Optimization at RTE international