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RTE international will be present at CIGRE, the World Congress of Large Electric Systems, which will be held in Paris from the 28 August to 2 September.

The International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) is an international learned society established in France over 100 years ago. CIGRE facilitates the technical exchanges between the production and power transmission stakeholders. It is a major event in the world of energy, attended by a large community of experts and power system professionals.

RTE international experts will be present at the RTE (French transmission operator) stand from the 28 August to 2 September to present their expertise in power systems, maintenance, engineering and operation, but also in digital and power electronics and studies.

Our technical services

Our experts will present the following topics via keynotes which will be held at the stand:

Monday 29 August at 11am:

Presentation of the Trinity project by Olivier Voron ; IT project manager in the digital service line of RTE international  :

The Trinity project aims to reinforce the cooperation and coordination between the TSOs of South-East Europe in order to support integration into the electricity market in the region by favouring a bigger input of renewable energies. Trinity particularly relies on the open-source solution Operator Fabric.

Fabric Operator facilitates the operational activities of water, electricity and other utilities through a modular, scalable and industrial strength platform.

Monday 29 August at 3pm:

Presentation on the Antares-Simulator by Alexandre Périn ; project manager in the electrical systems performance service line :

Antares-Simulator is an open-source grid simulator designed to measure the production/consumption balance and economic performance of interconnected power systems, in the short and long term.

Thursday 1 September at 3pm :

Presentation of the HVDC technology by Markus Vor dem Berge, Director of the Power Electronics Service Line and Studies  :

Big scale development of renewable energies has led to an increase in new HVDC connections. RTE international supports offshore project developers by bringing its expertise into the HVDC system interaction studies.

Our experts present

Olivier Voron

Olivier Voron

IS Project Manager

Has a Master degree from the Central Engineering School of Nantes in mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering. He joined Parthenon technologies in 1997 where he was the project manager for 21 years. In 2019 he integrated into RTE international as the digital project manager for power networks. He is also the reference for the Operator Fabric and TRINITY digital solutions.

Alexandre Perin

Alexandre Perin

Business Manager

After having obtained his engineering diploma from the Engineering School of Higher Technologies and Digital Technologies in Brest, Alexandre began his career at RTE as a student engineer – assistant project manager in the CNES (Centre National d’Exploitation du Système) Strategy, Operation and Project Integration Department. Today Alexandre is responsible for the economic and technical studies: adequacy studies, electricity market analyses, cost-benefit analyses, network modelling, static and dynamic network studies, renewable energy integration, security of supply analyses, energy storage system design. He is also the reference for the Antares simulator developed by RTE.

Markus Vor dem Berge

Markus Vor dem Berge

Head of the Power Electronics and Design Service Line

Markus Vor dem Bergen is the Head of the Power Electronics and Design Service Line. He joined RTE international in 2020.

He previously worked at Siemens AG as the system design engineer on HVDC PLUS technologies. In particular, in particular he has led the works on various HVDC VSC projects as the sub-project manager in Europe. He was has also been the technical project manager of VSC Bipole 2000 MW, ±525 kW for onshore and offshore applications.

Markus Vor dem Berge holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering, electronics and communication technology, power engineering from the University of Aachen.

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