Collaboration between RTE international and Svenska kraftnät

RTE international and Svenska kraftnät Collaborate for Enhanced HVDC Consultancy Services and Power System Infrastructure

RTE international is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Svenska kraftnät aimed at elevating power system infrastructure through specialized consultancy services. This partnership underscores RTE international’s commitment to providing expert guidance and support for Svenska kraftnät’s innovative and complex HVDC projects.

RTE international’s role in this collaboration includes providing tailored consultancy services to Svenska kraftnät, focusing on integration of HVDC systems in areas with high share of PED and low system strength (or RES), assessing the impact of major projects on existing infrastructure, and formulating essential requirements for HVDC system suppliers. Through in-depth workshops and collaborative discussions, RTE international is actively contributing to Svenska kraftnät’s initiatives.

By leveraging their extensive experience and technical proficiency, RTE international is assisting Svenska kraftnät in defining grid code elements, grid-forming requirements for HVDC links, ensuring seamless compliance and integration. The collaboration emphasizes knowledge-sharing, problem-solving, and innovation, with a shared goal of enhancing the efficiency and reliability of power systems.

This partnership exemplifies RTE international’s dedication to support clients in tackling complex challenges and navigating the intricacies of innovative projects. By providing specialized consultancy services, RTE international continues to play a vital role in the success of Svenska kraftnät’s ventures.

About RTE international

RTE international is a consultancy and engineering company whose activities cover all areas of electricity transmission. RTE international is at the service of its customers throughout the world to help them develop reliable and competitive electricity systems that meet the challenges of the energy transition.

As a subsidiary of RTE, Europe’s leading electricity transmission system operator, RTE international offers players in the electricity sector tailor-made solutions for the development, operation and maintenance of their networks: studies of electrical systems, engineering and supervision of network infrastructure works, optimisation and digitisation of network maintenance as well as support for IT tools linked to the electricity network.

About Svenska kraftnät

Svenska kraftnät is the organisation responsible for the electricity transmission network in Sweden. Founded in 1992, the company plays a crucial role in the management and development of the Swedish electricity system, ensuring the stability, reliability and efficiency of the network.

As a major player in the Swedish energy sector, Svenska kraftnät is actively committed to sustainable development. The company works to promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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