Swissgrid SA Partners with RTE international for Vital AC Cable Feasibility Studies

Swissgrid SA, the Transmission System Operator (TSO) of Switzerland, has embarked on a framework contract with RTE international (RTEi) to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies for a series of critical AC cable projects.

This framework contract underscores Swissgrid’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of reliability and efficiency across its extensive network infrastructure.

The project involves a comprehensive assessment of the feasibility of various AC cable initiatives undertaken by Swissgrid. RTEi, a widely recognized authority in this field, will undertake a variety of essential tasks utilizing offline simulations. These studies encompass multiple phases, including data analysis, comprehensive modeling of the Swissgrid network, resonance and harmonic analysis, system- and equipment-level studies.

By selecting RTEi, Swissgrid is taking a significant step towards ensuring the resilience and effectiveness of its cable infrastructure. RTEi’s expertise, combined with their utilization of state-of-the-art EMTP software, will contribute to the development of a more robust and reliable energy grid in Switzerland.

“We are truly excited and deeply grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Swissgrid on these ambitious projects. We look forward to leveraging our expertise in offline simulations to contribute to the success of this endeavor and play a pivotal role in advancing Switzerland’s energy grid towards a more robust and dependable future.” – Ming CAI, Power Systems Expert at RTEi

Ming Cai

Power Systems Expert , RTE international

This collaboration underscores Swissgrid’s unwavering dedication to its mission of providing efficient, sustainable, and secure energy transmission, and RTEi is proud to be at the forefront of these transformative efforts.

For further insights into this pivotal project and Swissgrid’s relentless commitment to network excellence, please visit the respective websites for comprehensive information.

About Swissgrid

Swissgrid was founded in 2006 as part of the gradual liberalisation of the Swiss electricity market. Since 2008, the Electricity Supply Act (StromVG) has stipulated that the transmission grid must be owned by the national grid company.

As the national grid company since 2009, Swissgrid is responsible for the operation, security and development of the almost 6,700-kilometre high-voltage grid.

Swissgrid plays a key role in the energy revolution. Together with the energy industry and in consultation with business, politics and the general public, Swissgrid is developing solutions for the sustainable and efficient expansion of the Swiss transmission system.

About RTE international

RTE international is a consultancy and engineering company whose activities cover all areas of electricity transmission. RTE international is at the service of its customers throughout the world to help them develop reliable and competitive electricity systems that meet the challenges of the energy transition.

As a subsidiary of RTE, Europe’s leading electricity transmission system operator, RTE international offers players in the electricity sector tailor-made solutions for the development, operation and maintenance of their networks: studies of electrical systems, engineering and supervision of network infrastructure works, optimisation and digitisation of network maintenance as well as support for IT tools linked to the electricity network.

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