Johan Sverdrup – Technical Assistance for the parallel operation of the power from shore HVDC-VSC systems

Technical Assistance for the parallel operation of the power from shore HVDC-VSC systems







The Johan Sverdrup oil field is powered by two HVDC-VSC links, provided by different manufacturers, and which will be used in parallel operation. This situation necessitated comprehensive interaction studies to minimise risk to the security of supply.

Since early 2018, RTE international has been supporting Equinor in carrying out PSCAD Electro Magnetic Transient (EMT) studies in order to assess the interoperability issues associated with the parallel operation of these two HVDC links. With regards to potential risks related to the parallel operation, Equinor hired RTE international to setup and host the control replicas of the two HVDC systems, as well as a real-time simulator in the RTE international real-time laboratory facilities in Jonage (Lyon), France.

Services delivered

  • Overall project management related to the parallel operation studies
  • Specification of the Power Management System to coordinate active and reactive power setpoints of both HVDC systems
  • Specification of the offline HVDC models
  • System analysis and simulations performed with PSCAD
  • Performance of specific offline EMT studies, such as: Frequency domain analysis, Harmonic interactions, Assessment of sub-synchronous torsional interactions and Assessment of control interactions between the 2 HVDC and the Power Management System
  • Setting up the project laboratory and hosting the replica systems provided by the converter manufacturers
  • Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Tests related to the replica systems
  • RTDS modelling
  • Testing and analysis of interfaces (power distribution and control system and synch relay with the independent HVDC systems)
  • Testing and analysis of the HVDC power management system
  • Parallel operation dynamic performance evaluation

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