Composite Testing of HVDC-connected Offshore Wind Farms

Composite Testing of HVDC-connected Offshore Wind Farms


The National HVDC Centre


United Kingdom



RTE international was sponsored by The National HVDC Centre to address the technical challenges behind the UK government’s offshore wind ambition to ramp up the installed capacity up to 4 times by 2030 and possibly up to 8 times by 2050. Such a capacity addition would result in multiple technologies for transmission and offshore wind electric generators connected to the existing electrical infrastructure. In-turn multiple manufacturers would be cooperating throughout the project. Thus, there is a need to ensure interoperability of these multiple systems interconnected with each other and the existing electrical network. COMPOSITE project is a one a kind initiative aimed at de-risking such project development with the help of composite testing of transmission and generation systems from different manufactures. With regards to this, RTE international have a unique position and expertise in the use of control and protection replicas from different manufacturers to de-risk multi-vendor HVDC projects.

The project provides recommendations for EMT modeling and dynamic studies at different phases in the life cycle of the project, starting from planning phase to the operational phase. RTE experiences from HVDC projects like INELFE link and Johan Sverdrup are provided to support these recommendations.

Project Deliverables


  • Final Report and monthly meetings
  • Two final Public Webcasts on 11th March 2021 and 29th April 2021 were realized with more than 200 participants for each webcast

Report and deliverables can be downloaded at

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