Webinar sessions on HVDC interaction studies with EMT simulation tools


When First session: 19 May at 3pm CET
Second session: 28 May at 3pm CET
Final session: 9 June at 3pm CET
Duration1 hour

Join our webinar to learn about

  • Interaction studies with VSC converters
  • EMT simulations of power electronics devices
  • Multi-infeed, multi vendor HVDC systems
  • Real-time simulations with physical replica of C&P cubicles

First session

General overview of EMT tools and approach to assess interaction studies. Practical case on French transmission grid

Hani Saad, RTE international HVDC expert
Iftekharul Huq, SIEMENS Project manager for Control & Protection

Second session

Multivendor HVDC grid development – A first TSO and manufacturer experience

Pierre Rault, RTE international HVDC expert
Christian Wikström, ABB HVDC R&D Project Manager

Third session

The Johan Sverdrup HVDC project – First multivendor HVDC system in grid forming operation

Sébastien Dennetière, RTE international HVDC expert
Kamran Sharifabadi, EQUINOR Chief Engineer


Join RTE international for 3 live FREE webinars and Q&A sessions on interaction studies with VSC-HVDC links using offline and real-time simulation tools.

The increasing penetration of Power Electronic Devices (PED) within the AC network leads to higher risk of interaction of such systems between PED, network elements and/or conventional power plants. With their relatively fast controls, VSC converters can incite a series of expected or unexpected interactions on the grid.

These webinars will present theoretical background on interaction studies. We will also discuss the main technical challenges imposed by the analysis of interactions with VSC-HVDC links using EMT simulation tools (complexity of control and protection systems, confidentiality of the control and protection algorithms, simulation of large grids…).

The webinars will be illustrated by real test cases in which different HVDC manufacturers have been involved.