RTE international puts in place a technical assistance agreement with the Polynesian Electric Power Transmission Company

RTE international puts in place a technical assistance agreement with the Polynesian Electric Power Transmission Company (TEP)

Two TEP operators – copyright TEP

The electricity transmission network – a vital element in the energy transition

Potential renewable energy sources are significant in Tahiti. Currently, already 35% of the energy produced annually is of a renewable origin and at certain points of the year, this share exceeds 50%. The objectives set, to have 75% of electricity produced by renewable sources, have not yet been met and the stakes are high both now and for the future.

In Tahiti, the operation, management and maintenance of the transmission system were historically handled by an integrated private operator, dominant in distribution and production. To facilitate the arrival of new renewable energy producers, the Polynesian government has assigned TEP to become the independent guarantor for the management of the power system. For this purpose, TEP first successfully resumed maintenance of the transmission system in June 2019 and then resumed operations in June 2020. The audit conducted in August by two experts from RTE international confirmed that the TEP teams were in a position to resume operation of the transmission system. This was done with success on the 1st December last year.

RTE international’s expertise at the service of TEP

In order to perpetuate the support that was put in place, TEP and RTE international signed a technical assistance agreement in October 2020. It will enable TEP to benefit from RTE international’s expertise in order to fulfill its missions, to control Tahiti’s power system in the long term and to anticipate the investments required for the energy transition. Finally, RTE international will support TEP in the final stage of its transformation to take on its mission of being in charge of balancing Tahiti’s power system, in January 2022.

« The TEP teams are competent and capable of running the network. Tahiti has great ambitions in renewable energy and this approach is promising. » Philippe Michal said in presenting the conclusions of the audit.

Philippe Michal

Power System Director and Project Manager, RTE international

About TEP

Transporting our energies for the sustainable development of French Polynesia
Founded in 1985, TEP is a semi-public company that carries out the transmission of Tahiti’s electrical energy, from the generation facilities to the distribution system. Its role is essential in ensuring the continuity of the electrical service in Tahiti, promoting the connection of renewable energies to the transmission system, and thus facilitating the energy transition in French Polynesia.