RTE international develops dynamic coordination tools for South East Europe

RTE international develops dynamic coordination tools for South East Europe

Unifying the electricity market is one of the main levers for strengthening the security of supply and facilitating the integration of renewable energy

Thanks to the Trinity Project, which RTE international contributes to, South East Europe* is moving towards this goal. By facilitating the interconnection of their networks and the coordination of operations, operators share their resources creating a more flexible network. This flexibility enables an easier integration of renewable energy sources and a more secure grid, allowing to increase the security of supply throughout the pan-eruopean interconnected network.

RTE international is currently developing a coordination service based on the open source solution, Let’s coordinate

The application facilitates coordination between Transmission System Operators (TSO) and the coordination centre operators (RSC). It brings together the different processes on a single platform and prioritises the decisions to be made through notifications. The application also synchronises the management of the high-voltage interconnected grid for its different users. Operators can exchange operational information and coordinate live in a particular situation to find the most effective and economical solution.

The digital team at RTE international is adapting Let’s Coordinate to integrate two services that CSRs traditionally provide to TSOs:

  • The Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA) continuously evaluates the coordination options available to avoid congestion risks.
  • The Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC) computes the exchange capacities between countries to be offered to market without risks of congestion.

RTE international also supports ENTSOE to deploy two other OPC and STA services in the region:

  • The Short Term Adequacy Tool (STA) provides adequacy studies for different timescales.
  • The Outage Planning Coordination Tool (OPC) makes it possible to plan shutdowns for the maintenance of different electrical infrastructure and assesses the cross-border impact of a potential shutdown by offering coordination solutions.

« It will be possible for all the operators to share information and for the TSOs to take coordinated decisions directly via the platform. All records of exchanges remain transparent and accessible to all. This greatly facilitates incident analysis. At the end of the first half of 2021, a first usable demonstrator will be delivered and tested among five countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia. »

Olivier Voron

Digital Project Manager, RTE international

*Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia

About Trinity

Trinity is a project, supported by the European Commission, which is developing a set of solutions to strengthen the cooperation and coordination between transmission system operators in South East Europe. Several TSOs, RSCs and research centres contribute to the success of this project.

About Lets’Coordinate

Let’s Coordinate is an Open Source application to support the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Coordinations Centers Operators (RSCs) to manage their duties.