RTE international accompanies Moldelectrica with its integration into the power system of continental Europe

The deputy Director General of Moldelectrica, Zastavnetschi Veaceslav, the AFD General Manager, Remy Rioux, and the General Manager of RTE international, Nicolas Bréham, under the leadership of the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova, Andrei Spinu, signed an agreement to develop the energy sector in Moldova in the long term and, in particular, to support Moldova’s electricity network in its efforts to synchronise with the European network.

RTE international will provide technical assistance to help Moldova’s electricity transmission system operator, Moldelectrica, to implement technical needs required by ENTSO-E to integrate in the long run the electricity network of continental Europe by 2023 and participate in the energy exchanges with neighbouring countries in compliance with market rules. The Moldovan network is made up of 6000km of high voltage lines and is interconnected with the Ukrainian network, which controls the management of the frequency of two countries. The recent interconnection of the Ukrainian and Moldovan network with the European network in a difficult context accelerates the need for Moldelectrica to adopt the same technical standards.

In 2017, ENTSO-E signed an agreement with Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica on the conditions for the future interconnection of the electrical system of Ukraine and Moldova with the electrical network of continental Europe. According to this agreement, Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica must implement a range of measures comprising a series of technical requirements which will guarantee a secure interconnection of Ukraine and Moldova into the European synchronous zone. This series of measures includes the investments in Moldelectrica’s facilities, the acquisition of knowledge to operate technical assistance in the field of standards and to bring the operation of the power system up to standards in accordance with the rules of ENTSO-E, and the acquisition of methods and software tools to work with the operators of the European power system.

« The technical assistance provided by RTE international aims to assess the progress of the compliance work. In particular, RTE international will assess whether the catalogue requirements are still relevant in the difficult context of Ukraine. RTE international also intends to identify the investments to be made to develop and reinforce the network. »

Philippe Michal

Deputy General Manager and Project Director

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About Moldelectrica

Moldelectrica’s mission is to promote the sustainable development of energy in the Republic of Moldova. The company participates in the creation of new solutions in the field of efficiency, innovation, energy saving and sustainable development; it also makes every effort to ensure the most efficient and reliable electricity supply for the population, business and the state.