Consulting services for Grid Maintenance

Consulting services for Grid Maintenance







RTE international supported Ukrenergo in improving its maintenance organization, purchasing procedures, technical specifications (substation, overhead line, and command control), and creating an R&D department to get closer to Western European standards to integrate ENTSOE.

Services delivered

  • Promote the implementation of tele-control and adapt the post maintenance program
  • Optimise the organization of repair and maintenance functions
  • Modernise the monitoring of overhead lines
  • Adapt the purchasing strategy to involve Western European companies,
  • Standardise substation, line, and control technical specifications, for voltage levels 110 to 750 kV, and various substation layouts (1, 1 ½ or 2 breakers per feeder)
  • Set up an R&D department to deploy technological innovations for network maintenance and operation

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