Bobo Dioulasso interconnection

Bobo Dioulasso – Ouagadougou Interconnection – Supervision of line and substation works




Burkina Faso



RTE international has supervised the construction of the electrical interconnection connecting the network of the Regional Consumption Centre of Ouagadougou (CRCO) to the Kodeni substation of Bobo-Dioulasso. This interconnection provides the Burkinabe network with access to the coastal interconnected electrical transmission network and its hydroelectric and thermal gas resources. The infrastructure includes the construction of three substations and 338 km of 225 kV line.


Services delivered

  • Tender (drafting of the feasibility study, drafting of tender documents, launching of the tender, answering the bidders’ questions, support to the analysis of the offers, setting up of the contracts with the selected contractors).
  • Control of the execution studies in the domain of lines, overhead substations, and rural networks (compliance with specifications and design criteria, mechanical and electrical constraints, interface with the different lots and existing structures, compliance with deadlines, manufacturing).
  • Supervision of the works (verification of all procedures, conformity control, visual examination of all materials and equipment delivered, supervision of assembly, verification of the application of the reference documents and the contract, management of technical modifications, drafting of technical specifications, follow-up of anomaly reports, supervision of the commissioning of equipment, control of functional tests).
  • Drafting of all contractual deliverables.

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