About us

RTE’s expertise, the largest TSO in Europe

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate energy transition, enhance power system security and improve electricity sector performance & competitiveness worldwide. We support electricity sector operators in carrying out different projects, based on RTE’s extensive expertise as an electricity transmission company. This know-how is the result of more than 70 years of continuous operation and enhancement of Europe’s largest electricity transmission network. We offer assistance with the development, operation and maintenance of electricity transmission networks. Since RTEi was created in 2006, our experts have carried out more than 250 projects in more than 50 countries across every continent. Our experts have the ability to deal with day-to-day field issues, which allows us to provide the most comprehensive support.

RTE in figures

105 857 km

power lines



8 500


Our core values

1. Dedication to best meet our customers’ expectations and build lasting relationships with our partners.

2. Openness, whether cultural or intellectual, allows us to adapt our know-how to the specific needs and situations of our clients.

3. Team spirit to combine the various skills of our experts and guarantee the most comprehensive response. We work with external partners on major projects to ensure a coordinated response.

Our commitment

RTE International is committed to promoting integrity, ethics and good practices within the company and its partners. As a subsidiary of RTE, RTEi is actively involved in the fight against corruption and fraud, both in France and abroad.

Code of conduct

Any RTEi staff or business partner who witnesses an act of corruption, fraud, or any other illegal act or non-compliance with the content of the Code of Conduct may exercise their right to alert via the following e-mail address: alert@rte-international.com . The details of this ethical alert system are set out in Article 9 of RTEi Code of Conduct.

Our executive committee

Janek liger

Nicolas BREHAM
Chief Executive Officer

Janek liger

Philippe MICHAL

Deputy Director
Director Power System Expertise

Janek liger

Director of Procurement

Janek liger

Director Engineering

Janek liger

Director Digital Solutions

Janek liger

Director Maintenance 

Janek liger

Business Development Director

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