Webinar on the role of storage in energy transition

The role of storage in energy transition

Objectives of the webinar

This webinar is an excellent introduction to the role of storage in the new era of energy transition.

Our experts will present an overview of the new requirements for integrating intermittent renewable energy and storage solutions.

Several case studies such as the Australian power system will be presented.



22nd April at 11:00 a.m GMT+2


Who can attend?

This webinar is free and open to all.

Any stakeholder interested in understanding the new challenges of electricity storage around the world.


  1. Energy transition context
  2. Flexibility: needs and solutions
  3. Electricity storage systems in the world
  4. Use cases & services
  5. How to size Electricity Storage System and for what application


The Speaker

Alexandre Périn

Alexandre Périn

Power System Expert

Alexandre Périn is a storage expert. He worked for several years in the R&D department of RTE, the largest transmission system operator in Europe. He then joined RTE international as a storage expert. He has worked on numerous storage projects throughout the world, notably in response to challenges such as the integration of renewable energies into island grids or the creation of a frequency reserve.