RTE international to evaluate the Lithuanian power system

Assessing the supply-demand balance of the Lithuanian network

RTE international has signed a contract with Litgrid, the Lithuanian Transmission System Operator, to assess the supply-demand balance of the Lithuanian network in the years following its connection to the European grid. Lithuania and its Baltic neighbors are expected to join the Continental European synchronous area in 2025. To carry out this project, Litgrid has started to adapt its power system. Notably, an interconnection with Sweden and another with Poland have both been built.

The Lithuanian electricity system currently relies on neighboring countries to supply two-thirds of its electricity consumption, and frequency control is provided by the network of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Seven interconnections link it to Belarus and Russia (Kaliningrad)

With its partner EKC, RTE international will evaluate the supply and demand forecast scenarios for the period 2026-2030, considering the European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERAA) methodology recommended by the European Network Operators Association (ENTSO-E). These studies will be carried out with the open-source software Antares-Simulator. The assessment will be supplemented by proposals for technical measures – like, for example, capacity mechanism – to best meet the need for balance if problems have been identified during the assessment. The costs of these proposed measures will be calculated and their impact on neighboring countries will be assessed. Their compatibility with European State aid regulation will also be studied.

« Welcoming new operators to the interconnected continental European network is always exciting. It’s a meeting of two different technical systems, but also two different cultures. We now have a good amount of experience regarding integration of national power systems in Europe. Our assessment will allow us to properly identify the risks and we will propose the appropriate technical measures to be put in place to ensure a successful integration. This project also demonstrates that RTE international is becoming a key partner in Europe. »

Eric Morelle

Power System Project Manager, RTE international

About Litgrid

Litgrid, Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, maintains  stable operation of the national power system, controls electricity flows and enables competition in an open domestic electricity market. Litgrid is responsible for integrating  national power system into the European power infrastructure and electricity market. The company has built strategic electricity cross-border links, namely, NordBalt (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland).