RTE international has signed a framework agreement with UTE

RTE International has signed a framework agreement with UTE, the TSO in Uruguay, one of the most advanced countries in energy transition


RTE International has entered into a 5-year framework agreement with UTE, which makes it possible for the two companies to work together.

This agreement establishes mutual cooperation and technical assistance for the realisation of projects promoting the implementation of standards of excellence within UTE.
Several areas have been identified, such as optimising the operation and maintenance of the power system, Smart Grids, improving safety at work and the design and implementation of substations and lines.
Furthermore, Uruguay is one of the most advanced countries in energy transition. Its electricity mix is almost exclusively based on renewable energies. RTE International and UTE have much to learn from each other.

About UTE

UTE’s mission is to provide electricity that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The Uruguayan state-owned company generates, transmits, distributes and markets electricity, as well as providing consulting and technical assistance services. UTE provides energy to more than 1.475 million customers located in Uruguay and also exports to neighbouring countries.
The Uruguayan company uses renewable energy sources such as hydraulic, wind and photovoltaic power. Its generation is complemented by energy from the Salto Grande hydroelectric plant (a bi-national project between Argentina and Uruguay). UTE also has interconnections with Argentina and Brazil.