Implementation of a Capacity Development Program

Implementation of a Capacity Development Program – Côte d’Ivoire




Ivory Coast



RTE international provided technical assistance to develop and improve the skills of the CIE.

Services delivered

  • Training (including a preliminary diagnosis and an evaluation following the training)
  • Accompaniment of the CIE in Live Working after the RTE international ‘Technical assistance’ training
  • Training for the risks in performing Live Working
  • Training for the use of the control-command for the departments of Transmission and Telecommunication
  • Training on the execution of the control and maintenance of optical fibers
  • Training on the execution of high voltage line communications with high voltage line carrier equipment
  • Training on the organization of the construction site and the on-site work of the manager
  • Training on operation and maintenance of a circuit breaker
  • Training on 225 kV suspension insulation change
  • Training on the construction and management of a substation construction project
  • Training on the execution of Live Working on overhead lines
  • Training on implementing maintenance-based reliability, including preparation, performance, and site inspection report
  • High Voltage (HV) line carrier audit
  • Operations training: defense plan configuration, undistributed energy estimation method, supply-demand balance optimization, organization of operations activities
  • Training on transmission towers
  • Training concerning the maintenance of transformers

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