Electricity storage project with Ukrenergo TSO

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The French Ministry of Economy and Finance is permitting a grant for the collaboration of RTE International and Ukrenergo TSO. First step: to perform a full feasibility study in the storage project, accompanied by the Ukrainian energy transition.

Following the signing on the 30th October with the aim to integrate Ukraine into the European market, the France-Ukraine collaboration is starting to take shape.

Integrating the European market and supporting energy transition

With the support of RTE International, Ukrenergo aims to achieve ENTSO-E’s (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) standards, which are obligatory in order to integrate into the European market. One of ENTSO-E’s requirements is to guarantee the volume of “primary frequency control”, the electricity storage could play this role as well as bring the integration of renewable energies into the mix.

During a 6-month period, RTE International will carry out the first phase of the project by completing a full feasibility study, which determines the design of the project and the main characteristics.

The estimated capacity of the project’s storage is 200 MW.

«RTE-International will bring all its expertise in order to foster the evolution of the Ukrainian power system towards the highest standards. We will also associate French storage companies (Saft, Blue solutions, Clean Horizon and Entech) to bring additional knowledge to the table.» -Nicolas Breham, CEO of RTE-International

«The beginning of cooperation with RTE, who are one of the world pioneers in maintaining a high-voltage grid with such a complex and innovative project. The Energy storage project is a good step towards our European integration and enhancing the energy security of the country» -Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo

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