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Study Tour 2018

Turkey - 2018

RTE International recently welcomed 4 delegations of TEIAS (turkish TSO) who came to discover how LiveWorking is carried out in France.
These delegations were composed of operators trained by RTE International in 2018 : 2 Substation teams and 2 Line teams.


Tutorial on HVDC-VSC Systems

France - 2017

With approximately 100,000 kilometres of transmission lines, it is Europe's largest TSO. Due to several HVDC-VSC projects in operation, under-construction and planned in France, a dedicated expert team, at RTE, is involved in such HV power electronics projects, for studies, specifications, operations and maintenances aspects.


Intended Audience

This course is intended for engineers, researchers, operators and maintenance personnel, to provide an up-to-date technical expertise for HVDC-VSC projects.


Tutorial duration and location

Five days from Monday 20th to Friday 24th of November 2017.

The course will be held in Lyon, France at the RTE Training Center


Tutorial content

The tutorial gives practical and technical information on HVDC-VSC schemes and operations based on real projects. Simulation tools are provided to the audience. They are used to illustrate concepts and performances of HVDC systems.

The tutorial includes also training on physical control replicas and a real-time simulator.



The objective of the tutorial is to give a good technical hands-on on HVDC VSC systems.

The tutorial covers the following topics:

·         Introduction to VSC-MMC technology

·         Control and protections of VSC-MMC stations

·         Specifications for HVDC VSC projects

·         Maintenance of HVDC converters

·         Simulation tools to the-risk HVDC schemes


Please find enclosed the brochure included the terms and conditions:

Tutorial Brochure on HVDC-VSC Systems

How to Register? Terms and Conditions


Information and tutorial fees: trainingseminar@rte-france.com

RTE International supports Electricité du Cambodge

Cambodia - 2015

RTE International was recruited by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to provide a technical assistance for Electricité du Cambodge.

This assistance entailed a diagnostic performed through an on-site mission on a quite wide scope (finance, engineering, operation and maintenance, environmental & social management, procurement) followed by the proposal of a capacity development program in these various fields. The proposed CDP entailed seminars, trainings, on the job trainings, technical assistance, in order to improve the policies, the processes, the organization, the tools and the skills of the staff. 


The National Electricity and Driking Water Office (ONEE)

Morocco - 2013

Communication Day about Live-line works


On 7th February 2013, A Communication Day was held at the The National Electricity and Drinking Water Office (ONEE) in Casablanca on the subject of Live-line work, focussing on maintenance policy within Central Transmission Management. Sixty people attended the event from various departments including RTE International’s Director of Transmission Expertise Michel Laugier.


The Central Transmission Director opened proceedings by summarising the situation regarding transmission activity involved at ONEE, specifically pointing out industrial performance, their quality of service confirmed year after year and a sustained set growth due to the progressive rate of national demand for electricity supply.


The activity summarised; the field assessment results of LW main actions carried out by the Study and Analysis Department makes it possible to capitalise on this project and to focus on the themes of new policies as a result of internal recommendations, good practices, regulatory requirements and international standards.


This approach rests on the following foundations:


*Professionalisation of the profession,

* Improvement of working conditions for TST personnel,

* Adoption of a continual progressive approach to gain experience.


The progress of the important project on the introduction of high voltage or P2 Potential LW substations was also presented in the presence of other selected colleagues who will train the first ONEE team. It must be noted that this project will allow the equipping, in June 2013 of a high performance laboratory for the periodic control of live-line work material.

The first high voltage works team will be operational during the first part of 2014, to carry out important maintenance operations (on selectors, circuit-breakers...) and the extension of work to very high voltage/high voltage ONEE substations, in the best safety conditions and with the best maintenance of quality of service.


Michel Laugier focussed on the history of Live-line work in France in 5 key periods of LW development from the 1950s, noting progressive changes including the complexity and the degree of industrialisation of the field, as well as an up to date summary of the challenges of today.


Michel Laugier also presented RTE’s current live-line work policy, prioritising safety of operators, in compliance with regulation and continuous improvement.

The implementation of LW policy within ONEE was subject to question and answer session.


At the end of the presentation, it was discussed and agreed by ONEE to launch (according to a strict, short-term schedule) all workshops developing from the proposed action plan and based on the expertise and participative approach of all ONEE players involved.

Powerlink Queensland

Australia - 2011

Management support to LW’s’ implementation’s policy (Live Working) substations.

Our international experts provide an insight of their experiences


French Polynesian’s mission

The Societé de Transport d’Energie Electrique of the French Polynesia (TEP) has trusted a technical assistance assignment to RTE International.

I develop a new organisation and methods for the Tahitian operation grid. The challenge is to integrate new hydraulic and photovoltaic productions”.


Algeria’s mission

The chief of the technical assistance mission for the engineering electricity and gas subsidiary group SONELGAZ (Société national d’électricité et du gaz d’Algérie) gives an insight story of his challenges.

“The issue is to effectively organise studies, supply and transmission grid’s building work. Since 2010, the SONELGAZ’s group management reorganises its purchasing policy. They firmly demand more quality from their suppliers”.


RTE International fields’ experts