Specialised Maintenance

Ground-breaking techniques


Live Working

Live Working (LW) is a maintenance technique which allows intervention on lines or substations with voltages of up to 400 kV without disconnecting from power supply. These maintenance interventions can be performed while operators are at the ground or live potential.


RTE International works to promote and enhance the specific knowledge gained from the French grid in the domain of Live Working.



Following a rigorous methodology, our Live Working method aims to allow teams to adapt their operations according to the specific characteristics of the work site. Interventions are backed up by careful preparation and a thorough risk analysis of the site where the team will operate, which guarantee the safety of both the workers and the network.


Based on the specific challenges of your transmission system, RTE International experts can help you to:

  • Analyse your needs and design suitable operational procedures to carry out Live Working

  • Train Live Working teams to operate on your own sites (lines or substations up to 400 kV)

  • Provide you with high quality tools and protective equipment

  • Regularly evaluate, refresh and update your teams’ knowledge

  • Carry out specialised operations


Helicopter Maintenance

Using helicopters allows you to carry out maintenance operations quickly and reach inaccessible areas more easily.



After 60 years of experience in helicopter work, RTE has over 250,000 flying hours under its belt. These operations, on lines of up to 400 kV, allow RTE to considerably reduce the duration of power outages and improve system reliability, as well as being more cost effective and environmentally friendly.


RTE International’s main areas of helicopter activity are the following:

  • Visual and infrared inspection of aerial lines

  • Construction of aerial lines (automatic assembly of pylons, unwinding cables, etc.)

  • Cradle maintenance on aerial lines (up to 4 operatives) for cable repair or minor installations


RTE has developed unique equipment and techniques that can be adapted and applied to aerial lines of all kinds.


Based on the specific challenges of your transmission system, RTE International experts can help you to:

  • Carry out line inspections in order to identify areas of concern and check the condition of conductors and pylons

  • Accomplish specialised maintenance projects (repairs, equipment installation without lockout) or the construction of new lines

  • Analyse your needs in terms of helicopter usage, machinery choice and organisation.

  • Train pilots, engineers and technicians.


Helicopter Maintenance on a Very High Voltage overhead line

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