System Operation

A safe and secure electric system

Guaranteeing the safety and security of an electric system means managing the risks which could affect the stability of the system: frequency and/or voltage collapse, cascade tripping, loss of synchronism... Managing all of these risks requires skilled operators and efficient tools.



In France, RTE operates a national dispatching centre and seven regional control centres. RTE has been using and developing dispatch management tools (SCADA/EMS) for more than 35 years.

Based on the specific challenges of your transmission system, RTE International experts can help you to:


  • Reinforce the reliability, security and safety of your systems (frequency & power control, supply and demand balance, voltage & reactive power control…)

  • Develop the skills of your system operators (incident management, operational practice and managing operational plans, understanding and configuring protection & robotic tools)

  • Follow the development of your control tools


A decisive step towards a single European Electricity Market

Press Release
10th November 2010

Successful joint launch of the Central West European price market coupling and the Central West European-Nordic tight volume coupling.


The partners of Central West European (CWE) and Nordic countries are pleased to announce that a decisive step towards the integration of the European electricity market has been taken. This innovation entails the simultaneous launch of two new initiatives on 9 November: the CWE price market coupling and the CWE Volume Coupling (ITVC). European consumers will thus benefit from the economic optimisation resulting in a more efficient use of the power system in the region, convergence or equalization of prices, improving social welfare and security of supply.

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