French network expertise abroad

RTE International is dedicated to providing a wide range of services in the field of electricity transmission, such as consulting and training.


RTE International offers:


  • Advice and assistance about organization, management and engineering transport in the context of the study or the or the realization of a technical project

  • Training aimed at honing and mastering key competencies, and gaining new skills

  • Tailor-made seminars to provide updates on the latest developments in the field, with a particular focus on energy markets, renewable energy and technologies.

  • Expert advice and consulting to establish, address or resolve any specific issues that might be faced

  • Technical assistance with short or long-term projects

  • Softwares speacialized for the management of the lectric systems: supply of specialized IT applications (HVDC)


Our promise

RTE International is known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to multicultural environments, and is ready to cater to your needs.  We have acquired a wealth of experience over the years as the French grid operator.


RTE International relies on a team of international experts with a strong commitment to their projects. Our aim is to prioritise the reliability of your power grid and the safety of your workforce.


RTE International is a subsidiary of RTE, the French electricity grid operator. Founded in 2006, RTE International develops consultancy work and uses its expertise to provide services for clients abroad.

Service Catalogue

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