1.   Is RTE International a subsidiary of EDF?

Key dates

19th December 1996: European directive 96/92/CE concerning common rules for the internal electricity market.

1st July 2000: Creation of RTE, the sole operator of the French power transmission system. RTE, an independent entity, is the successor expert in power system operation, High-Voltage and very High-Voltage networks, accumulated by EDF since its creation in 1946.

1st September 2005: RTE is incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF.

1st September 2006: Creation of RTE International, an entirely owned subsidiary of RTE.



2.    How is the electricity transmission system organized in France?

RTE manages the french electricity grid through its national operation centre and 7 regional ones.


3.    Who provides operation tools used in the operation centre?

After 35 years, RTE has developed and applied the control centre tools (SCADA/EMS).


4.     What are the assets of the French electricity grid?

RTE owns and operates 100,000 km (around 62,137 miles) of aerial lines and 3,500 km (around 2,174 miles) of underground cables, as well as one underground DC link between France and England since 1986, 2500 substations and 45 cross-border liaisons with 9 TSOs in 6 countries.


5.     Who is in charge of maintenance?

RTE is responsible for maintaining its grid and for mastering leading techniques as Live Working and Helicopter maintenance-work.

6.     What are the requirements to carry out visits to RTE?

Visit requests have to be done weeks in advance stating:

  • Topics
  • Number of people
  • Duration

Longer than half a day visits will incur charges