Asset management & maintenance

For a high performance grid

An electricity transmission system is a complex chain, its reliability depending on each of its individual elements: substations, lines, transformers and a variety of other equipment designed to function under clearly defined electrical engineering conditions.



In France, RTE operates 100,000 km of aerial lines and 3,500 km of underground cables, as well as a high-voltage direct current (DC) submarine link with the UK since 1986. RTE is responsible for the maintenance of this network and has developed cutting-edge techniques such as Live Working and maintenance via helicopter.

Based on the specific challenges of your transmission system, RTE International experts can help you to:

  • Properly manage your assets: overhead power lines and high voltage underground cables, high voltage material, transformers, substations under metallic enclosure, protection and remote control devices.

  • Reinforce your operation teams’ skills: set up maintenance policies, thermographic substations’ monitoring …

  • Set up safety as a priority in your maintenance procedures: safety rules training (UTE C18-510)


Helicopter Maintenance on a Very High Voltage overhead line

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